Faculty of Business and Management Sciences has a variety of curricula serving to business and management disciplines designed to educate individuals equipped for knowledge era and challenging environment of competitive and dynamic business life. Our departments are Business Management (Turkish/English), e-Business, Economics, International Trade and Logistics (Turkish/English), Political Science and International Relations (Turkish/English) and post-graduate programmes are offered as well.

With our scope of high quality education, the objective of our Faculty is to enrich business life with individuals who are inquisitive, investigative, enterprising and sensitive to social responsibility with distinctive academic staff. We have flexible curricula enriched with a wide range of university elective courses, which enables our students to shape their own career.

We promote contemporary interdisciplinary studies with transfers between departments and double, major and minor opportunities.

 As our academic staff has both academic proficiency and experience in public, private and financial sectors, we carry out our graduate and post-graduate programmes in collaboration with the sector, which enables our students to experience work life at their university years. We also instil entrepreneurship spirit to our students.

I wish a great success to our graduates who are qualified to take part in various sectors in today’s business environment, which is constantly changing and demanding new competences and also to our students who are still venturing this journey of competence.

Prof. Dr. S. Gonca TELLİ